Wednesday, 10 February 2010

March Formative

so by Thursday March 11th we need to have completed:

  • 3D block out animation with rough sound - shots currently being worked through by Adam as set is being built.
and were expected to be at the following level production wise:

  • main characters built and rigged - defiantly can have done 2 down, 1 to go modelling, rigging will be simples *fingers crossed* with main focus on blendshapes etc
  • environment built and partly dressed - currently in progress of dropping models into set now
  • evidence of render pipeline process - lighting and texturing examples...again we will get onto this area
  • project werhey
im confident we'll be at this stage but that doesnt mean we should become complacent as we really need to go full steam ahead now in order to make this film top notch!

Individually we need:

  • evidence of work collation for 3 folders: artist, technical and specialism (if that still is the 3 folder breakdown)
  • a review of the blogs
this part is down to you (obviously) but once again I'm pretty confident we have enough work for our folder considering were a small group.

It seems a while away but actually its only 1 month so not really...blunt
Keep it in mind guys


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