Sunday, 6 June 2010

And another

With the amount of frames i have to work with this is the best we're gonna get it.


The right arm is looking a bit funky, need to go back over it and clean it all up, but here it is.

Too much?

another one

Updated timings

Once again not finished. Have taken 5 frames off of the down and added them to the up to make it look like more of a struggle.


Right this is not a finished version, but i want feedback on this before i progress any further on it.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Shot 25

This simple little shot has probably caused me the most grief to create out of all the scenes i've animated.

I've really had to play it carefully to the camera, because the character and design and the motion there is quite a bit of behind scenes mesh through mesh. If the camera is going to be changed on this shot i advise its done very VERY carefully - this isn't a shot that can be easily changed or fixed.

Dunno how well you can make it out in this playblast but ive added quite a bit of shake in his body and legs which works really nicely.

Edit: Lookin back over this im not happy with it, its looking far too plane and needs something more, will make some changes.


With the forward got rid of.

Take 3

Have reduced the amount of the lean when he goes foward and have moved the keyframe round a bit so he holds the down a teeny (2frames) longer, this makes the movement look more forceful and purposeful.

Shot 21 more overlap

More overlap added to the arms for the throw.

Shot 19

Shot 19 for feedback.

Very limited to what i could put in the first 30 odd frames of this seeing as he has to be bending over, so i just added a small sigh in preperation for the lift.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Shot 21

Righty shot 21. Sarah's animation which i've just taken off of stepped and done a quick clean up. Only thing i've added to this scene is is a down position at the very beginning. Personally im a lil bit unsure of the timings of the punch, its seems a little rushed to me, however im not gonna make any changes to it unless instructed too.

Shot 19 is taking longer than it should. Something in the scene file is causing it to crash every 10 mins or so, i've had a bit of a root around but cant find anything wrong so im just soldiering on with it, should be done early tomorrow.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

shot 35 feedback

- not keen on the shake out after Macho breaks out of the pot, it just doesnt fit with the moment or his character to be honest. I think this moment requires a much more grrrrrr to triumphent moment as he breaks free from the pot, as if yeah ive done it again, i wwwwiiiiiiiinnn to add to the arrogance of his character. He hasn't realised what he's done yet. He could almost go into one of his muscle poses after breaking free.

- Hero does not look devastated as we pan over to him. His true love has been killed in a exploding pot incident and he seems so casual. He needs to be like in the animatic, almost paralyzed in shock, hands covering mouth the works....

- Similarly, Macho is too casual when comes over. He needs to look shocked himself otherwise it wont be funny when he then changes to the oooo sod it, whatever shrug off. He needs to be more awkward, as if he's about to explain away what he's done but in the end he cant be bothered.

-Hero thinking is nice but i don't think the smile suits him as it makes him look evil...yes its a quite twisted thing he does but i think the thought then cut to the credits its a better cliff hanger/moment of anticipation for the audience compared to an evil grin which will throw them off kilter to who they have previously known to be a cute, sweet character.

-Only other points would be there still seems a lot of symmetry with the arms in Macho, just a bit more offset will break up the animation here.