Thursday, 4 February 2010

Monday 8th Feb and Tasks

Hey Guys,

Friday was a bit too optimistic and I'm gonna take the day to work from home, so we'll next meet up Monday 8th Feb at 10 since this is when Jared takes our lesson too.

SO by monday I'm expecting to see

Adam - finished background houses, finished fence panels (3 different types) and a rough layout of our environment.

Matt - update on your progress with UVing Macho Gnome, example of stone texture test

Sarah - to have finished finished Lady Gnome...stop mucking round with the model, be satisfied with it to start UVing, have models finished including fishing rod, fork, stump, the trees, the flowers, leaves

Yaniv - an update on Hero Gnome model for feedback

Tom - at least 4 more of the background models complete

Any problems guys then letme know and keep up the good work guys :)


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