Monday, 30 November 2009

Meeting for Sound

Were meeting Pip from Sound Design Weds 2nd Dec at 11


Sunday, 29 November 2009


Here for the worlds viewing pleasure, Gnomes Animatic - Woooo.

Took agggggggess to upload onto YouTube.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Meeting for Sound: Dates?

Hey Guys,

what day would be best for people to come into college next week as i'm organising a meeting with Pippa from creative sound design whose interested in working on the film :)

The dates Pippa's available
monday, tues, weds and thurs morning so letme know asap so i can let her know


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hand In Folders: scrap everything i said before!

Hi Chaps

Were making 1 CD for the whole group!

so after speaking to Mike yesterday he suggested if it was easier than you can hand in a group CD.
This is defiantly easier and it will stop us repeating things like the synopsis etc etc AND will show Mike exactly who has done what for the project this term.

We'll burn everything on my Mac this Friday 27th so make sure you have everything ready in its appropriate folders, labeled and presented blah blah blah AND the doc with the link to your blog.
Be in for 1pm

Since the pressure has been lifted eeeeeeeevvver so slightly, i suggest we spend the next couple of days updating our blogs cough cough looking at you in particular.
Keep up the good work :)


Saturday, 21 November 2009


Please could you all email me (rave mail) your:
  • environment concepts
  • character concepts
  • prop concepts
  • maya renders
  • colour/texture work
  • any other pre production images youve done for the project!
to me please so i can fill out our presentation
Adam: don't forget to scan those drawings of mine i did for you please
thanks guys

Deadline Hand in Folders

Hey guys

just been reading Mikes email again as well as the handout that was given last week and looks like were to hand in SEPARATE cds in FRI 27TH NOVEMBER BY 4:30pm

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Deadline Change: Hand In Folders / Sound

Hey Guys,

Just read an email from Mike saying were handing our CD Fri 27th no later than 4:30pm.
Therefore, since we need to concentrate on the animatic and stuff for the second pitch am changing the day we burn our CD to thursday 26th November! In the mean time, keep collecting together all your visuals the way Mike has suggested in his mail as well as working on your individual areas for the project.

SOUND : this is for everyone, please start looking for soundtracks that we could possibly use for the film. I know we haven't really discussed this a lot, and i never imagined the film to have a full on soundtrack, more something quite light and playful but any suggestion are welcome.
SOUND EFFECTS: please everyone search for, download sound effects for the animatic, not just the section your working but ones that could be used throughout.

a few suggestions of what we need:
gentle breeze
sounds of leaves - sound of crisp packets (grigsby)
footsteps for the characters
character sounds:
Macho Gnome working out, showing off, lifting, suggestions of strength, anger etc

Hero perhaps humming as he's working? fright from Macho Gnome, sighes at Lady, clever creative impressed sounds at himself when hes wooing her, shock when shes smashed, attention getting noises, Ta da! triumph noise for when Hero rebuilds/reveals the new Lady.

Lady Gnome oos and aahs, giggles/laughs, humming/singing perhaps?
Smashing pottery
Neighbourhood sounds - cars, kids in other gardens maybe?
Heavenly ambiance - of vision of Lady to Hero all the leaves falling etc
Throwing sounds/falling sounds for the stones
Record Scratching sound - when Macho bursts on in and breaks the dream
Camera pan movement sound - emphasize the speed of whip rounds
Pulling the fork out of the ground - could be a sword sort of noise - clang of metal?
BOOM! a thud noise for when the pot hits the ground
Sellotape sounds....pulling etc for credit sequence - this should be really a creative evil genius at work!

Ok thats all i can think of for now guys, feel free to add more
Keep up the good work everyone, were almost there :)

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Timing Worries

Right ive just scanned in my half of thumbnailing and done a quick rough time test, and its come out at 1.19 and feels rushed. I'm not sure how reliable these timings are because of the roughness of the thumbnails but its nearly a 50% overshoot. I think what we're gonna have to do on monday is film ourselves acting it out quickly then splice that together into a film and see what that result on that is, cuz if we are overshooting we're either gonna have to cut some of the story or extend the screentime.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New animation studio.

Gotta leave this gap cuz the films are a stupid size.

Saw this a while back.

This was just the teaser and at the time looked quite interesting but i forgot about it after about 20 mins.

Now they've just released an actual trailer for the film and i think the character conflict premise hits pretty close to home for gnomes.

Apparently Universal have jumped on the animation bandwagon and started the production house - Illumination Entertainment. Theres very little info about this new company, and fresh new company often means inflation after the first year or two, which means jobs.
The problem - they're based in california....bugger...

After seeing this new trailer im really quite looking forward to this film.

weds 11th nov note

wont be in until half 11 today lads as i got a couple things to sort out here before hand.
we need to discuss the environment - especially grass heights etc as the ratio of grass to character is under constant debate now
go through storyboards - this may have to be left until thursday as i think we all need time to work on our presentations today
see you soon chaps!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Deadline: Hand In Folders!

Everyone met deadline today which is brill, shall make a start on the giant colossal mood board ready for the 2nd pitch so thanks everyone for that

As you know, second pitch is 23rd Nov, we have 2 working weeks left on the project before this date and whilst we all know we needs to be done for this I need you all to START creating your folders of all your work ready to burn our CD for Mike.

This folder should be categorized as your name with a word doc containing the URL of your individual blog and then any seperate folders for concept (rough and neat) colour or textures test, storyboarding, scheduling....basically everything you've done this term for project Gnomes. Start this NOW because its not a 5 minute job and you wanna make sure your credited for everything right?

As the 20th draws closer we'll discuss more about the disc but get those folders ready NOW!

Cheers :)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Deadline: Mood Board

Please create a folder of all your images you've included on your personal mood board.
Deadline to give this to Sarah to compile into final mood board is Thurs 5th November and should be transfered via pen key.
Images to be either psd or jpeg format please

Thanks Guys