Wednesday, 31 March 2010

major big gold stars for super happy wednesday progress!

good news everyone!!!

i just received an email from Fahran whose finished UVing the major props for our scene. I'll be sending on the character for him to complete tonight now this lot is out of the way.

Also on the major gold star front
Yaniv has finished UVing Hero Gnome! Excellent stuff. Blendshapes for this character will not begin until the weekend as Yaniv has red rock priorities but I will be creating the rig for Hero to ease the work load from him.

and on a final gold star frontage
Matt is of joys we are meeting this weeks objectives.

This has been a good wednesday and welldone to these people for all their hard work. Lets do it guys....seriously, lets make it goooooooooooddd

Sarah :)

Next Sound Meeting

is Wednesday 7th April at 10am in the Audio Edit Suite.

this should be our last check through of all the atmospheres, foley etc and then it'll literally be a case of sending Pip our playblasts for her to time the sounds too.

Its coming together in a nice little easter egg bundle

Monday, 29 March 2010

This weeks objectives...


- Bring in finished environment with shrubs for Tuesday 30th March
- Sky dome for the environment, design and create
- image planes for the the inside of house
- rig washing line for secondary animation
- type up shot durations/frames
- continue render tests and research into render layers


-Finish skinning of Macho for Tuesday 30th March. Upload to public folders and create a new folder entitled "Gnomes Animation Tests" for the file.
-Begin animation: Shots 3, 4 and 32. Update the blog with playblasts etc. Shot 3 and 4 should be basically complete for next monday and shot 11 blocked out.


-finish the damn character UVing for Lady Gnome (its causing me grief but i will get there)
- Blendshapes for Lady Gnome
- Rigging for Lady Gnome
- soundfeedback both voice artists and score.


-finish the UVing of Hero Gnome
-Blendshapes for Hero Gnome
-Rigging for Hero Gnome


-complete model of the trees

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thursday 25th March


I'll be in today from 12
Matt your not needed in, carry on with skinning of Macho
Adam...i need to see the 3D animatic today so bring it in for show and tell. Also need to go over the final environment and see the changes


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Shot List

  1. Pan down from trees to Heros flower pot
  2. MS of Hero watering flower – Pans across to see Macho in distance
  3. WS of Macho stretching, goes into weight lifting
  4. Close up of Macho spotting Hero and giving the evils
  5. WS of Hero realizing he’s been spotted aaaaahhh!…goes back to watering the plant
  6. WS of Macho doing his weights WA WHAAAAT spots Lady Gnome
  7. Pan from Hero to top of Garden, track along with Lady Gnome skipping across the grass and sitting onto the Mushroom (WALK CYCLE)
  8. CU of Macho thinking aaaahhh then pull out to reveal the pathetic stones and then aaaahhhhhh these are pathetic stones, throws away stones, searches for big bastard rock, walks off shot. (WALK CYCLE)
  9. WS of Hero attending to Flower – spots the snail and flicks him sending him flying off his precious flower. Stones come flying into shot which make him jump then the AAAAHHHHHH
  10. Lady Gnome glorious heavenly reveal, spot light, falling leaves…the works. Stretchy leg Macho enters into shot.
  11. WS of Hero from ahhhhh sigh to GOD SAKES annoyed
  12. WS of Macho and Lady gnome. Macho showing his muscles. Hear a cough and Lady turns round.
  13. WS of Hero balancing a fishing rod on the palm of his hand
  14. WS of Lady and Macho. Lady smiling at Hero’s sillyness. Macho realising he’s not centre of attention/shock at Lady being impressed by that rubbish!
  15. WS of Macho grrrrrrr, starts weight lifting the rock up and down.
  16. WS of Lady going oooooo quite impressed. Hear another cough, pan across to reveal Hero balancing 3 fishing rods on his hands, legs etc
  17. WS of Lady and Macho. Lady clapping and smiling at this ludicrous display. Macho is pissed and storms off.(WALK CYCLE)
  18. MS of Macho dragging the fork on. BANG as it hits the ground. Bends down to pick it up.
  19. WS of Macho lifting fork. He’s happy as he hears a ooooooo from Lady BUT WAIT…
  20. WS of Hero and Lady. Lady entertained by Hero juggling stones.
  21. MS of Macho SUPER ANGRY! Throws down the fork SMASH to the ground. Punches fist to hand and walks off
  22. WS of Hero juggling. Macho enters onto screen and pushes past him, knocking him to the ground (WALK CYCLE)
  23. CU of the bottom of the pot, Machos foot enters into shot as he bends down
  24. CU of Machos face, prep for the big lift, big intake of air, concentration STRAIIIIIIN.
  25. WS of the pot beginning to rise as Macho struggles to lift it.
  26. Reaction shot Hero oooooo
  27. Reaction shot Lady ooooooo
  28. Low Angle shot of Macho success he’s done it…big grin, but kinda surprised at himself that he’s done it!
  29. WS of Hero who looks down at the remaining stone in his hand…ponders…lil cunning smile then flicks the stone.
  30. Pebble landing onto the flower pot, couple of bounces.
  31. CU of Machos reaction….What the hell has happened??? UH OH
  32. WS of Macho struggling with the new weight, down on one knee…is he gonna make it….yes…yes….eye twitch…SLAM….no
  33. MS of Lady, giggling at Machos downfall…o are a clever one
  34. WS of her just jumping down off of the mushrooms, ready to go claim her man
  35. CU of the pot…crack starts to emerge UH OH explosion as Macho bursts out of the pot and looks round – pan across to see Hero looking completely shocked as Lady is crushed, her hand just visible under the rubble. Macho wanders on…sort of unable to explain himself….gives up a sort of…mate your welcome to her. Her pauses as he thinks up an idea.
  36. CREDITS – sellotape is heard etc
  37. WS of Hero standing proud with a roll of sellotape.
  38. WS of Lady in her nearly formed Picasso esque state…her arm just drops to the ground.

Walk Cycle (Total 4)

Guys...if Im being way too cautious over some shots...and you think they're easier or more difficult then comment and I'll make changes.

Next Sound Meeting

Hey Guys

Next sound meeting is Wednesday 31st March at 10am in the Audio Edit Suite down in broadcasting.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Do NOT come in tomorrow if your ill


get yourself well

work from home

this is an order

Binding Buttons and other objects

Thanks to Dave and Dan for this helpful tip!!
When binding your model to the rig, you want items such as buttons, buckles etc to follow the model but not be influenced by the rig.
What to do? Bind you rig, afterwards select items such as the button then from the deformation tab click the circled icon. Your button/buckle/item what have you should now follow the model when you move the rig but not be influenced and start stretching.
Find it here...

PPD Deadline Update

So if anyone hasnt seen on Moodle yet, PPD is now due


Monday, 22 March 2010


turn your phone on so you can answer calls from people who need work off of you!

your animatic deadline was TODAY MONDAY 22ND MARCH 10AM and you failed to hand in.

You have the only copy of the environment which we need TOMORROW 23RD MARCH 10AM. This scene file needs to be completely cleaned up and all additions made to the environment. I dont want to hear any more excuses because you've had 2 1/2 weeks to complete this. You knew the deadline.

There are several ways you can do this...

1. come into college and give us a copy of the file
2. send it via and use the login details i have forwarded to you to upload your work.
3. I get your home address from Mike and i drive to your house and collect the file. DO NOT MAKE ME TAKE THIS OPTION BUT I WILL IF I HAVE TO.

I've tried ringing your home and mobile number...ignored
Dan Dalli tried ringing your home and mobile...ignored
i told you to update your didnt do it.
you've missed your deadline and your ignoring us...see why Im annoyed!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Monday 22nd Feb

Meeting at 9:30
there's loads to do
not much time
so lets move move move


Friday, 12 March 2010


Incase anyone didn't know or was under the same impression i was, deadline for PPD 800 words is NOT may...i spoke to Alan who said he thought it should be May for 3rd years but we have to go by brief set dates.

SO....deadline for PPD 800 word submission is 29th March, submission via moodle.

Just a heads up! Pass on the message to everyone


Easter Work...

- rigging, blendshapes, facial control panel, weighting (see Dave Ross blog entry on Polished off is
-UV and Rig Kid Killer (Spline IK) might need blink?
-texture creations (character colours experimentations, start making some wood textures involving the painted layers and grain, knots, scratches as we need different versions for the fence, trees and stump)

- finish the 3D animatic in the new environment (seperate cams for all shots, remember to lock these off so we can simply place the animation into the scene file etc)
-seperation between grass and flower beds
-remove some of the shrubs, vary heights and strip some of the leaves down. machos corner needs to have less leaves but obviously still have some.
-UV the environment
-Create the sky dome (might need 2? one for day and one for the afternoon scene)

-Pose of Hero (sent to Matts rave mail) for Monday 15th so that he can convert to STL file and pass on to Jared.-finish Hero Model - mouth interior, teeth, tongue etc. Notes/feedback from Sarah
-UV character
-Blendshapes, rigging, facial controls etc

-Additions to Lady Model - geometry etc
-Blendshapes, rig, facial controls etc
-sort out the bloody props - that bloody bloody stump!

Next sound meeting with Pip has been re-scheduled: 10 O'clock 24th March in the Audio Edit Suite.
Greg has feedback and knows Im away so wont have another update from him until Sat 20th March

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Formative: Thursday 11th March

Hey Guys,

formative today so please be in at 9:30 to go through the presentation

see you then


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Character Models to Sculpture

i think we should go for the whole creation of character into sculptures as it will be a nice addition to the degree show and especially works for ours due to the simplicity of the model and that they are based on figurines.

deadline for this is THIS FRIDAY 12th MARCH

we wont need to rig, blend shape or nething as we can create the pose by basic model adjustment and using the lattice tool.

  • take your model into a new scene file so its seperate from everything else

  • please save this as file e.g HeroGnome_model_pose and exported as a .stl file

  • pose your character

  • your character needs to be self supporting, ideally on a base or plinth (im guessing we therefore need to model the base/plinth then)

  • smooth the character to make sure we have a really nice sculpture.

  • Bring on pen drive on Friday morning lastest and we'll hand in and have em made.

Now to your poses....

Macho...but really up the smugness on his face matt

Hero...(i'll forward you the fishing rod i have made just requires some wire

Monday, 8 March 2010

Wednesday 10th

Hey Guys,

looking back on the tasks that have been set Im making a call for us not to come in tomorrow and to just get on with it as we don't have a room and frankly it'll seem a wasted journey for a yay or a nay on hows it going.

Next meeting is therefore: Wednesday 10th March at 10.

Any problems then blog it/ring me/send a flaming pigeon through the royal mail


Sunday, 7 March 2010


monday 8th march at 10

see you then


please don't be late as we have a sound meeting at 10 with Pip...she's suggested we meet her in the Audio Edit room by Studio B so we'll meet in the animation room and head on down there