Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hand In Folders: scrap everything i said before!

Hi Chaps

Were making 1 CD for the whole group!

so after speaking to Mike yesterday he suggested if it was easier than you can hand in a group CD.
This is defiantly easier and it will stop us repeating things like the synopsis etc etc AND will show Mike exactly who has done what for the project this term.

We'll burn everything on my Mac this Friday 27th so make sure you have everything ready in its appropriate folders, labeled and presented blah blah blah AND the doc with the link to your blog.
Be in for 1pm

Since the pressure has been lifted eeeeeeeevvver so slightly, i suggest we spend the next couple of days updating our blogs cough cough ADAM....im looking at you in particular.
Keep up the good work :)


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