Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Deadline Change: Hand In Folders / Sound

Hey Guys,

Just read an email from Mike saying were handing our CD Fri 27th no later than 4:30pm.
Therefore, since we need to concentrate on the animatic and stuff for the second pitch am changing the day we burn our CD to thursday 26th November! In the mean time, keep collecting together all your visuals the way Mike has suggested in his mail as well as working on your individual areas for the project.

SOUND : this is for everyone, please start looking for soundtracks that we could possibly use for the film. I know we haven't really discussed this a lot, and i never imagined the film to have a full on soundtrack, more something quite light and playful but any suggestion are welcome.
SOUND EFFECTS: please everyone search for, download sound effects for the animatic, not just the section your working but ones that could be used throughout.

a few suggestions of what we need:
gentle breeze
sounds of leaves - sound of crisp packets (grigsby)
footsteps for the characters
character sounds:
Macho Gnome working out, showing off, lifting, suggestions of strength, anger etc

Hero perhaps humming as he's working? fright from Macho Gnome, sighes at Lady, clever creative impressed sounds at himself when hes wooing her, shock when shes smashed, attention getting noises, Ta da! triumph noise for when Hero rebuilds/reveals the new Lady.

Lady Gnome oos and aahs, giggles/laughs, humming/singing perhaps?
Smashing pottery
Neighbourhood sounds - cars, kids in other gardens maybe?
Heavenly ambiance - of vision of Lady to Hero all the leaves falling etc
Throwing sounds/falling sounds for the stones
Record Scratching sound - when Macho bursts on in and breaks the dream
Camera pan movement sound - emphasize the speed of whip rounds
Pulling the fork out of the ground - could be a sword sort of noise - clang of metal?
BOOM! a thud noise for when the pot hits the ground
Sellotape sounds....pulling etc for credit sequence - this should be really manic...like a creative evil genius at work!

Ok thats all i can think of for now guys, feel free to add more
Keep up the good work everyone, were almost there :)

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