Thursday, 5 November 2009

Deadline: Hand In Folders!

Everyone met deadline today which is brill, shall make a start on the giant colossal mood board ready for the 2nd pitch so thanks everyone for that

As you know, second pitch is 23rd Nov, we have 2 working weeks left on the project before this date and whilst we all know we needs to be done for this I need you all to START creating your folders of all your work ready to burn our CD for Mike.

This folder should be categorized as your name with a word doc containing the URL of your individual blog and then any seperate folders for concept (rough and neat) colour or textures test, storyboarding, scheduling....basically everything you've done this term for project Gnomes. Start this NOW because its not a 5 minute job and you wanna make sure your credited for everything right?

As the 20th draws closer we'll discuss more about the disc but get those folders ready NOW!

Cheers :)


  1. I thought we all had to submit seperate CDs...?

  2. from mikes mail....

    At the same time you will hand in to me a CD-Rom with a copy of
    all individuals work on each group. Just create folders with your
    names and then more folders - storyboards - concept work etc.