Monday, 5 October 2009

1st team meeting with Mike and Dave

Today was our first meeting with Dave Bull and Mike Smith to discuss the progression with our story.
We received some very positive feedback with the overall development of the piece. Mike and Dave loved the new ending we'd come up which is great as now all we have to focus on are the gag parts before hand and then tweak ready for boarding.

What we need to work on...
Increase the conflict between Macho and Hero Gnome in order to really play at the love triangle scenario.
The gags - moments where we see the Hero try and mimic the villain and fail terribly before the finale/turn about of the story. Hero Gnome would be asking himself:
  • why's she going for him?
  • whats he got i havent got?
Show that Macho Gnome isnt actually interested in winning Lady Gnomes heart, its just competition for him, sport....he's more in love with himself really.

From point A to B we...
  • set the world

  • show how the world works (within constrained time limits)

  • establish where the action/story is occuring

  • Introduce the characters - Hero Gnome and Lady Gnome. We need to see that he is smitten with her (this would be slower pacing to the rest of the story)

  • Then she goes off with the Macho Gnome

  • We see the series of gags - Hero Gnomes failures

  • Need THE pinicle moment to lead to the resolution

  • Then...the twist get the film done!!

Great first meeting team, lets keep up the good work :)

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