Sunday, 4 October 2009

Style Inspirations

My idea for the film takes inpsiration from volumes and shapes but collates with interesting and unique textures to create a piece that typically doesnt look CG. Objects within the world aim to have great depth and substance. I wanted to create a highly stylised looking film that delivers a developed story with humour for audience enjoyment. My inspiration for the story came from my love of duo character conflict and rivalry and the fun it creates for entertainment.

Studio AKA Lost and Found

Studio AKA Varmints

Blue-Zoo's Those Scurvy Rascals

Stitch up Showdown by Blue-Zoo...can't embed that one unfortunately but follow the link to view 9 episodes of that lil gem!

Studio AKA Bright Top Ups Advert

Pib and Pog by Aardman....supposedly for children but with a smidge of violence...i quite like that balance :)

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