Monday, 29 March 2010

This weeks objectives...


- Bring in finished environment with shrubs for Tuesday 30th March
- Sky dome for the environment, design and create
- image planes for the the inside of house
- rig washing line for secondary animation
- type up shot durations/frames
- continue render tests and research into render layers


-Finish skinning of Macho for Tuesday 30th March. Upload to public folders and create a new folder entitled "Gnomes Animation Tests" for the file.
-Begin animation: Shots 3, 4 and 32. Update the blog with playblasts etc. Shot 3 and 4 should be basically complete for next monday and shot 11 blocked out.


-finish the damn character UVing for Lady Gnome (its causing me grief but i will get there)
- Blendshapes for Lady Gnome
- Rigging for Lady Gnome
- soundfeedback both voice artists and score.


-finish the UVing of Hero Gnome
-Blendshapes for Hero Gnome
-Rigging for Hero Gnome


-complete model of the trees

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