Friday, 12 March 2010

Easter Work...

- rigging, blendshapes, facial control panel, weighting (see Dave Ross blog entry on Polished off is
-UV and Rig Kid Killer (Spline IK) might need blink?
-texture creations (character colours experimentations, start making some wood textures involving the painted layers and grain, knots, scratches as we need different versions for the fence, trees and stump)

- finish the 3D animatic in the new environment (seperate cams for all shots, remember to lock these off so we can simply place the animation into the scene file etc)
-seperation between grass and flower beds
-remove some of the shrubs, vary heights and strip some of the leaves down. machos corner needs to have less leaves but obviously still have some.
-UV the environment
-Create the sky dome (might need 2? one for day and one for the afternoon scene)

-Pose of Hero (sent to Matts rave mail) for Monday 15th so that he can convert to STL file and pass on to Jared.-finish Hero Model - mouth interior, teeth, tongue etc. Notes/feedback from Sarah
-UV character
-Blendshapes, rigging, facial controls etc

-Additions to Lady Model - geometry etc
-Blendshapes, rig, facial controls etc
-sort out the bloody props - that bloody bloody stump!

Next sound meeting with Pip has been re-scheduled: 10 O'clock 24th March in the Audio Edit Suite.
Greg has feedback and knows Im away so wont have another update from him until Sat 20th March


  1. u get it yes but u must work thru it yes...i tried to sound cheery bout the work load but calling it easter