Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Shot List

  1. Pan down from trees to Heros flower pot
  2. MS of Hero watering flower – Pans across to see Macho in distance
  3. WS of Macho stretching, goes into weight lifting
  4. Close up of Macho spotting Hero and giving the evils
  5. WS of Hero realizing he’s been spotted aaaaahhh!…goes back to watering the plant
  6. WS of Macho doing his weights WA WHAAAAT spots Lady Gnome
  7. Pan from Hero to top of Garden, track along with Lady Gnome skipping across the grass and sitting onto the Mushroom (WALK CYCLE)
  8. CU of Macho thinking aaaahhh then pull out to reveal the pathetic stones and then aaaahhhhhh these are pathetic stones, throws away stones, searches for big bastard rock, walks off shot. (WALK CYCLE)
  9. WS of Hero attending to Flower – spots the snail and flicks him sending him flying off his precious flower. Stones come flying into shot which make him jump then the AAAAHHHHHH
  10. Lady Gnome glorious heavenly reveal, spot light, falling leaves…the works. Stretchy leg Macho enters into shot.
  11. WS of Hero from ahhhhh sigh to GOD SAKES annoyed
  12. WS of Macho and Lady gnome. Macho showing his muscles. Hear a cough and Lady turns round.
  13. WS of Hero balancing a fishing rod on the palm of his hand
  14. WS of Lady and Macho. Lady smiling at Hero’s sillyness. Macho realising he’s not centre of attention/shock at Lady being impressed by that rubbish!
  15. WS of Macho grrrrrrr, starts weight lifting the rock up and down.
  16. WS of Lady going oooooo quite impressed. Hear another cough, pan across to reveal Hero balancing 3 fishing rods on his hands, legs etc
  17. WS of Lady and Macho. Lady clapping and smiling at this ludicrous display. Macho is pissed and storms off.(WALK CYCLE)
  18. MS of Macho dragging the fork on. BANG as it hits the ground. Bends down to pick it up.
  19. WS of Macho lifting fork. He’s happy as he hears a ooooooo from Lady BUT WAIT…
  20. WS of Hero and Lady. Lady entertained by Hero juggling stones.
  21. MS of Macho SUPER ANGRY! Throws down the fork SMASH to the ground. Punches fist to hand and walks off
  22. WS of Hero juggling. Macho enters onto screen and pushes past him, knocking him to the ground (WALK CYCLE)
  23. CU of the bottom of the pot, Machos foot enters into shot as he bends down
  24. CU of Machos face, prep for the big lift, big intake of air, concentration STRAIIIIIIN.
  25. WS of the pot beginning to rise as Macho struggles to lift it.
  26. Reaction shot Hero oooooo
  27. Reaction shot Lady ooooooo
  28. Low Angle shot of Macho success he’s done it…big grin, but kinda surprised at himself that he’s done it!
  29. WS of Hero who looks down at the remaining stone in his hand…ponders…lil cunning smile then flicks the stone.
  30. Pebble landing onto the flower pot, couple of bounces.
  31. CU of Machos reaction….What the hell has happened??? UH OH
  32. WS of Macho struggling with the new weight, down on one knee…is he gonna make it….yes…yes….eye twitch…SLAM….no
  33. MS of Lady, giggling at Machos downfall…o are a clever one
  34. WS of her just jumping down off of the mushrooms, ready to go claim her man
  35. CU of the pot…crack starts to emerge UH OH explosion as Macho bursts out of the pot and looks round – pan across to see Hero looking completely shocked as Lady is crushed, her hand just visible under the rubble. Macho wanders on…sort of unable to explain himself….gives up a sort of…mate your welcome to her. Her pauses as he thinks up an idea.
  36. CREDITS – sellotape is heard etc
  37. WS of Hero standing proud with a roll of sellotape.
  38. WS of Lady in her nearly formed Picasso esque state…her arm just drops to the ground.

Walk Cycle (Total 4)

Guys...if Im being way too cautious over some shots...and you think they're easier or more difficult then comment and I'll make changes.

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