Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Character Models to Sculpture

i think we should go for the whole creation of character into sculptures as it will be a nice addition to the degree show and especially works for ours due to the simplicity of the model and that they are based on figurines.

deadline for this is THIS FRIDAY 12th MARCH

we wont need to rig, blend shape or nething as we can create the pose by basic model adjustment and using the lattice tool.

  • RIGHT...so take your model into a new scene file so its seperate from everything else

  • please save this as charactername_model_pose.st file e.g HeroGnome_model_pose and exported as a .stl file

  • pose your character

  • your character needs to be self supporting, ideally on a base or plinth (im guessing we therefore need to model the base/plinth then)

  • smooth the character to make sure we have a really nice sculpture.

  • Bring on pen drive on Friday morning lastest and we'll hand in and have em made.

Now to your poses....

Macho...but really up the smugness on his face matt

Hero...(i'll forward you the fishing rod i have made Yaniv...it just requires some wire


  1. Pretty sure Jared said that the files had to be STL's, prob is you can save as an STL in Maya you have to export it.

  2. mmm how do u get a STL file type though?

  3. You have to download a script to inenable the export.


  4. Also we have to model the characters a stand.

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  6. bloody comment publishing
    but yes the stands in the list...mines a simple cylinder plinth
    we'll have to scale the characters to one another to make sure the sculptures reflect the sizes

  7. Gah...im really struggling here with fiddling about with blendshapes...cant do it...model is crap...i think it needs more geometry...i dont know wots wrong with it AARRRGHHHH

  8. not sure whether we should be doing blendshapes until we get this UV problem sorted. The answer might result in starting the blendshapes from scratch.

  9. we'll i was just trying to check she has enuf geometry to create expressions so that i can UV her but atm im unconvinced and pissed off with the whole thing.

    have u emailed Alex? were gonna get him in tomoz to help us out otherwise the following week is gonna be a disaster

  10. Yup, have mailed him and am just waiting to hear back.

    From what i've seen of girl she seem to hve enough geometry. Really you need to be running it on the preview mode on 2010.