Tuesday, 27 April 2010

1st attempt at my 1st shot

My current progress with my first ever shot for gnomes. You can't see the eyebrows well but they are moving. And i deliberately put more time at the beginning than necessary just so you can see the beinning and end better. Comments for improvement please cause this needs a bit of work...


  1. My thoughts on this (cuz i wuz 'ere first).

    Its quite a good start. The timings really good.

    Theres a couple of things that are bothering me though.

    Im not keen that you can see his bottom row of teeth when his mouth is open.

    The arms seem to be doing the exact same movement at the exact same time and dont seem to have any purpose behind their movement, I would have them subtly drop down in disbelief or something - similar to what you've got here but a bit more exaggerated and much faster.

    The way that his belly moves off screen at the bottom bother me. I'm not sure whether this is a camera movement or not all i know is it looks like Hero has suddenly had a growth spurt.

    And finally i would bring the camera in a bit closer to Hero, half the shot is take up by his hat, make it a bit more "in your face".

    But a really nice start here Tom.

  2. thats not his teeth matt, thats his tongue

  3. oooohhhh yeh....no wonder it looked so weird