Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Macho's Playing Up

Some weird and annoying computer wizardy that Maya loves to throw at us, just to watch us squirm.

It might just be in my comp but the first time i try to open Macho's file his body has dissapeared. All you need to do is reopen the file and it will have sorted itself out.

This doesnt seem to have any effect on anything, its just a pain in the bum.

Lemme know if this causes any problems.


  1. yeah it causes probs...and ive closed and reopened and hes still just a rig with arms, legs eyes and teeth

    ive display all, show all, restarted...not sure wots going on there...mite just by my comp.

    any other animators experiencing this prob plse report it immediately.

  2. It reads like you're closing Maya and then re-opening it all, dont, just file> open> Macho.

    If you restart Maya its gonna read it as opening the file for the first time again.

  3. kk its working now
    cheers mate