Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Week Objectives: Tuesday 6th-Monday 12th


animate shot 32, i need to see the majority of this animation for Friday, your not needed in college so ani mani mate like the wind.
Please provide feedback on the 2nd years work, I've already mailed Tom but would like your input as to what shots we can now give him to do.


im waiting to hear back from Alex about the rendering but for now its next Tuesday so be ready and preped
washing line - it needs to be rigged so the clothes can simply swing back/forth (not the line itself, the clothes)
lighting experiment - textures through simple scene set up, run through the render farm with simple light set up to see how the timings are looking for non HD but still widescreen.


blendshapes - Lady
sort it out


blendshapes - Hero Gnome
UV map the fishing rod

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