Tuesday, 27 April 2010

26th April - 3rd May Work


finish up animation of shot 4 (mid to end Tuesday)
Your next few shots...
Shot 24
Shot 22

*****plese email me any texture stuff you did not finish so i can pass on to Andrew. What happened to the forks textures? I will be mailing my stuff off later today*****


Tuesday - collect lit and textured environment with Matt's imported animation and test the render layers with this.
Post render results - breakdown of each layer and then final composite of all no later than Thursday 28th April.

Tom the Stocker Wright

Shot 26 - Heros Reaction shot. See email with link to shot list and Animatic for reference.


Sort out the texturing and dynamics of the dust/clouds used for shot 32. These will need to work for shot 35 too.

Tom R

Tuesday - review of shot 23. Please send playblast Tues eve/Weds morn for update.


Shot 11 animation.


Animate shot 31


Finish up the button issue
Finish up L Gnome Facial Control Panel
Scale Characters
Copies on the adrives
Notifications and info to animators
Animation: Shot 18

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