Saturday, 24 April 2010

an animation issue... i been playing with the Hero model which does NOT look any good in normal not smooth preview setting (no offense Yaniv its not a dig at your modelling) but my machine can not cope playing back animation with this character on smooth preview.

This means...i can NOT animate him on my machine as his normal face (without smooth preview) is completely unreadable. Im hoping you can playback animation on the college computers or matt or the other guys who are going to animate with this lil guy your machines have more ram than me to be able to do this otherwise we are screwed.

What I have learnt over the last few days...
smooth preview IS NOT what its cracked up to be. Without continual checking in normal mode you have no idea where those vertices are actually going because its averaging out to make the model appear smooth. This causes issues with painting weights as a lot of the geometry if unchecked is already crushed/has overlapping vertices and therefore its difficult to get rid of problematic wrinkles and creases. Its a case of going back to the model (non smooth preview) and sorting out the weights. Yes yes...smooth preview is a blessing by not adding extra geometry lines BUT your entire modeling experience should not depend on it. For something as intricate as painting weights, crushing in the fingers will give the skinner a nightmare.

i am happy? i am sad? i am ambiguous gnome?!

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  1. Same with Macho, I can't animate with his blendshapes on smooth preview. I just do it as best as i can without the preview and then just keep testin it as im goin along.