Sunday, 25 April 2010

Monday 26th April

To all,

please be in tomorow at 10:30 for updates, session with Dalli what have you. Meeting will be short sharp and sweet and then were away on working on our own bits and pieces once more.

please bring in the final textured environment tomorrow and any props that are textured as well as ones not finished as were gonna pass them over to Alexander to complete so you and I can focus SOLEY on animation. I have finished my props so he just needs to play with the bump mapping.

Once Alexander has imported the lights accordingly then your able to start transfering over your render layer tests to the real thing. PLEASE GET Z DEPTH WORKING COS THAT WOUL BE SUPER DEE DOOPER. Ask Alex Hulse why the Shadow Layer is being a complete pain in the butt so we can either cut it or sort it ready for rendering.

Cheers guys, see you then


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