Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shot 1...probs

im messing around between know how it is...and heres how it stands

i know we had to make the pot a certain size so macho could fit in it...but now to get the lil guy to actually be able to reach to water the plant he'd have to have a rock set up like this....

personally...think this looks ridiculous and not sure what to do about it....suggestions? i think he would need a setup so he could get to his flower but is this too much?
answers on a postcard please


  1. do we now make a joke of him having the weed as his plant but have it...well...smaller scale so he can actually reach it? so we've had this impact of oooo beautiful flower then hahahaha pathetic flower and him desperately trying to water it....i dunno and this is a tired suggestion

  2. Maybe he could stand on the snail (without the snail's consent obviously). This way we wouldn't have to incorporate any other objects into the scene and it adds a little comedy.

  3. mmmm......snail is not rigged and doesn't have ne blend-shapes which would be necessary in order to have the comedy for this.

  4. I think we're just gonna have to have him watering something at the base of the pots on the floor.
    A small dead weed or something.