Saturday, 29 May 2010


Hey guys, hand in is finally done but there's still just over a week until the show so lets keep up the momentum for the film.

Adam, thanks for sorting out the film disc with me yesterday, couldnt have done it without you. Cheers for the message, i'll check out those updates as soon as you upload. College is not open to us this weekend (went in...swiftly told to leave) so we'll be sorting out issues at home and hopefully still have some to blast through on the farm/maxs machine come tuesday...with any luck we might still be able to tap into maxs machine from here and send some stuff through....will keep you up to date on it.

Matt, incase you didnt get my text, i need proper versions of some of your playblasts. Yesterday you told me you'd increased the time on shot 35 to accommodate macho and hero thinking whereas the playblast i have is so quick with macho skidding on and off this cant be the right one. I need it fully plotted for correct times otherwise im gonna be wasting Romans time fitting the music to something that will get stretched again. Also you only gave me half a second of shot 13. I need full completely blocked versions of these tonight so i can get the new version to him this weekend so he has the time to stretch the music to the animation. The timings are crucial not necessarily having complete animations.



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