Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Rocks to these Rocks.

Funny how something as simple as applying a texture to a shape can go horribly horribly wrong.

Im not quite sure what happened, as far as i can tell there is a corrupt input in the objects history and when you then parented the rock to something it effected the UVs, doing this -
This is the same thing that happens if you create UVs on an rigged object that is already bound, but im not sure why it is effecting the rocks in this way.

Solution 1 = Delete the history - Fail.

More unknowns but if you delete the history of the rocks it does this to the rig.Even if you unparent the rocks from the rig and then delete the history it still effects the rig in this way.

Working solution:

Open the scene.
1. First thing you've got to do is delete the existing rocks from the scene.
2. Alongside the textures that i'm about to put onto Adrive is a file called MachoRocks.mb, import this into the scene.
3. Go to frame 32 - you should see the rocks line up with this geometry on this frame
4. Still on frame 32 parent the new rocks to the respective wrist_control joint
And that should fix it. Apply the texture and continue as normal.

Lemme know if theres any issues.

Edit- Right the rock textures and MachoRock.mb are on the adrive in the textures folder

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  1. if your in tomorrow - I'll have 10 mins with your file alone :p