Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Post 101

Tested adding spheres to lady gnome and they seem to work without any issues, so i can't see any reason why she cannot have them. You just create the spheres, flatten them a bit - her eyes arn't too deep so they have to be flattened, parent them to her face joint and apply the texture.
It really is a two sec job.

The animation might look a bit funky cuz she aint supposed to be viewed from this angle (this is shot 20), also the last sec has been cut off (though it may still be processing as i post this)


  1. its weird...they look...almost life like with these eyes...I LOVE IT!

  2. p.s can u add this to characters and replace the ones on the adrive just so all the spheres are the same and its not a two sec job at the end. Cheers