Saturday, 29 May 2010


Yesterday, it became apparent that Hero Gnome was at two different scales. Tom assured me (since the shots were his animations) he hadnt accidentally scaled the character. I went through the versions of Hero Gnome and this is the result...

this is the downloadable model after you had updated the characters UVs....

this is the downloadable model after you changes to the eyes....

this is my original model for download compared to the model all 3 of us sat down together and chose the scale for.

This is a render of shot 11 and shot 5 which are exactly the same camera shot but obvious Hero Gnome is at two different scales. One is with the original model with UVs sorted and the other with the eyes you sorted out.
Im now in the process of checking all the characters scales and Macho Gnome has already got 2 different sets of scales of 0.047, 0.044. I now have to check all the lady gnomes scales. This is wasting my time and delaying the films progression. Shot 23 and 24 Macho is scaled at 0.047 and this was animated by you and tom ritchie. Its not likely tom ritchie changed the scale of the characters and so it is coming back to you here.

The rendered and composited work we've achieved could now be useless because of this and everything be redone.


Lady Gnome update...

this is the downloadable character you added eyes to compared to the final scaled character size we all agreed on.
and this is the original downloadable rig i uploaded to the adrive for the animators to use compared to the set scaled model of lady gnome

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