Thursday, 6 May 2010


Somewhere along the line the UVs have gone funny and expanded outside the texture.
This is quite literally a 30sec fix, just scale the UVs down and move them so that they fit square over the texture. I'm more than a little frustrated that this has been such an issue considering its something so ridiculously simple.

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  1. Hey Matt

    Yeah yeah grigs has been sitting with us and sorting stuff out, theres some serious occurances going on with Adams scene file though we suspect a bug as when Adam has transfered to JB a bug was instantly detected. The amount of unused nodes within the scene file as well is catastrophic...old blendshapes...old texture files. Adam had cleaned up the scene file but when the animation and the light setup was imported so was...a whole host of unwanted history, most of your stuff isnt named either which has caused some issues.

    hes now in the process of cleaning up. I dont understand the body texture not working. Grigs managed to assign the texture just fine with no probs so i dont get why there was a problem.

    Global illuminations...ive told adam to get rid of this as grigs advised it was not necessary if we got the lighting right...which...currently its not but were gonna be making some changes with it.

    Probs but were on the way to solving.