Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Shot 21

im blocking out this shot and more probs with the arms. Annoyingly machos arms (which are gorilla like in length) are still not long enough to do the comical hand fist smack into palm moment for this shot which is annoying cos it is such a comical element for the story. His arms would go through the geometry of his beard so doesn't look like he's gonna be able to do this movement.

Any suggestions for what we can have instead??

about as far as he can go im afraid....gutted bout this....


  1. You can move his arms forward on his body, just unlock the translate and shift them forward a bit. The way that the weights are painted allows this without messing up the mesh or the rig. Just try and keep to the bare minimum.

  2. aha! cheers matt, shall give it a go.