Friday, 14 May 2010

Ready for Render.

Right spent most of today cleaning up scenes for rendering and adding eyeballs etc.

I have only been working on Mine and Toms shots because i havnt got any of the files from the the second years, and am only working on the shots that have been OK'd by Sarah as completed.
Also this isn't counting the textures, but rendering on the occlusion/ z depth etc (which is the stuff thats gonna take longest) can be started.

So far we have:

Shot 4 - Matt - Obviously

Shot 26 - Tom - Hero's reaction to Macho Lifting the pot - Needs enviroment placement and camera setup.

Shot 27 - Tom - Lady's reaction to Macho Lifting the pot - Needs camera setup.

Shot 20 - Matt - Hero juggling for Lady - Just needs the OK from Sarah

Shot 22 - Matt - Macho pushing Hero - Need to transfer Hero's animation to the new UV'd rig, will be completed by midnight.

Shot 8 - Matt - Macho switching rocks, first draft animation done, needs feedback.

Shot 24 - Matt - Macho preparing for lift - Will be completed first thing tommorow, just needs tweaking and cleaning.

If i dont upload the completed files to the adrive 2day they will be on by midday tommorow.

I will be posting playblasts of shot 20, 8 and 22 later tonight for feedback, but right now am gonna take a bit of a break cuz i've been at it for 8 solid hours.

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