Thursday, 13 May 2010

I'll be your Mr. Motivator

Play the following whilst reading the below

The finish line is fast approaching and whilst we have a few knocks and set backs, the sheer amount and quality of work were producing is nothing short of fantastic....

Matt, you've done an amazing job figuring out the the nitty gritty strange issues and problems of the project. Your modeling and texturing is a credit to the projects objectives. Your animation started out at a high quality, and has been improving time and time again.

Tom. you've come to this project as a part timer but have produced the work of a full time team member. Your consistant hard work has led to some beautiful asset models for the film and your animation goes from strength to strength with each shot you've completed for us. You are truely the artist who has grown and developed the most this year and a credit to the team.

Yaniv...again you've come to us as a part timer, but your persistence in making tweaks and alterations to Hero Gnome helped us to transform the character from 2D to the final 3D outcome. Your 1 to 1 sessions help me understand more about being a director and management and Im ever thankful for your continual support during this year.

Adam, whilst we undoubtedly have had issues I do not wish for this post to be negative and Tuesday you began to prove to me how you were gonna turn a corner for us on this project. I hope from Grigsby's knowledge and teaching you can deliver the final touches to the film to give it that sparkle. Your persistence on Tuesday to sort out the layers, mapping and sorting out the render farm scene is just what we needed. Keep up this level Adam because the team needs you on the post production.

Clym and Tom R. I must credit the professionalism of the second years work ethic. Tom your a fantastic animator who delivers a scene quickly at high standard. Try not to over-think the shot, its being delivered and your doing a great job at it. Clym your animation gets better and better as your knowledge of the rig and the character increases. Your communication with the group has been superb.

To all the second years who have contributed to the film; Fahran, Andrew, Dan you guys are going to do so well in your 3rd year and have been an absolute credit to the team. Without your assistance we wouldn't have got as far as we would have.

In short guys; what we set out to do is nearly there. While it might seem there are still hurdles ahead of us, were getting there and making something wildly different and entertaining. For everything we have made, learnt, altered, stumbled over, and overcome, we should be proud of each and everything we've done this year. This is and will be a fantastic project guys so lets put this train into overdrive and get it across that finish line.

I could not have done this film without you all.


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