Saturday, 22 May 2010


Please can you upload Heros original texture files (psd, tiff, whichever uncompressed format you have) to the adrive as i need to make a few tweaks and need a copy of all original textures at hand for myself and Adam.

Please also update me on shot 3, 6 and 8 progress/completion as these have lighting ready and can be setup for render.

Tom has uploaded shot 29 to the adrive in finished animations. Please check the model matches your final UVs and has the correct eyes and upload to the Ready for Render folder by the end of the day.




  1. Righty, am uploadin Hero's PSDs to the adrive now - may take a lil while cuz they're quite big files.

    6+8 are animated, just need to clean up the files(add eyes etc). And 3 i just need to add the facial animation and clean it up. So they'll be on the Adrive at some point today as well.

  2. PSD's are up on the Adrive.

  3. If anyone has tried to get hold of me today via text i can't reply or even see it as i got my pin wrong three times like an idiot and now my phone is blocked. Hopefully ill have it working again by tomorrow.