Tuesday, 25 May 2010

This weeks objectives...


Rendering (full): shot 3, 6, 8 (boulder textures to come) check cameras, texture assignments and bumps etc.
Rendering (Occlusion and ZDepth): 20, 29 (shot 5 to come shortly)

Assign colours to the background houses, elements and props. Use exported shrubs from the local directory and the grass texture. Make sure you use the small textures of 500x500. You may want to make a new version of 100x100 as we dont see them close at all and would save on rendering time.


Finish Animating: 13, 16.
Take over Animation: 18
Animate: Shot 35 Macho Breaking out of the pot as well as Hero and the crushed lady Gnome (we can import after so dont worry about placement, waiting for pot etc)

Tom S W

Upload Shot 9 to the Adrive account finished animations directory
Animate: shot 11, 37

Tom R

Finish shot 25
Animate: 7, 35


Upload shot 28, 31 to the adrive (remove any previous old versions)
Finish Animation: shot 12

Alex Bax

Add pebble animation to lit shot 30
Finish shot 10
Animate shot 14


Animate shot 15, 17


UV map the tree


Snail texture creation
Tree texture creation
Finish animation shot 19, 21
Compile playblasts into animatic
Alterations to Hero and Lady Gnome textures.
Complete Fishing rod and Mushroom textures

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